Do I have to be in LA to submit?
When this blog went from a personal blog to a community project, the idea was to capture all the fantasies of the Big Orange but there are too many amazing writers all over the world to refuse their visions of desire, so we’re opened up. There are no restraints here… unless you’re into bondage, of course.

I was reading a great series but now it seems my author isn’t posting–how do I find out what happens next?
Sadly, we can’t force our authors to finish a series. Life happens. Who knows, they may be too busy living their fantasies to write about them. What you can do is leave them a comment and ask them to finish what they started! Or finish their story yourself and submit it yourself!

The stories are all mixed up and I don’t want to read them all, how do I get only the ones I’m looking for?
The authors page catalogs all the contributions each author makes. Go there to see if your fave writers have added anything to their list of offerings.

I thought this was a fiction blog, what’s with the short essays on torture instruments?
The tradition of writing little essays on torture instruments began with Zita in her therapy chronicles. We’re running with it, hoping to amass a vast collection of tools and instruments for BDSM play. We welcome suggestions and submissions for tool essays.

Do the tools have to be BDSM-related?
Not necessarily. You can write a tool essay or submit a suggestion for one on anything you like.

What are these interviews?
The interviews began with Kat. She has plenty of stories herself, but she likes other people’s stories best.

Can I submit interviews instead of stories?

Does it have to be a real interview or can I make it up?
If it’s sexy, we’ll take it. Just don’t pretend you talked to a real person when you didn’t.

What if I want to be interviewed?
Leave us a comment on this entry with a brief summary of your juicy story and one of us will get in touch for the interview, we won’t approve it so no one else will see it, but we’ll read it and contact you.

I’m a photographer, can I post images instead of stories?
You bet.

I have an essay about sex, can I post it instead of stories?

I have poetry! Can I post it instead of stories?
No, but leave us a comment and we’ll put you in touch with some mags that are gonna love you.

I wanna drive traffic to my site, can I post a little bit of a great story and then include a link to bring people to my blog?
Yes, but keep in mind it’s a give-and-take. Pimp us, too. Get your friends to tune in and submit stuff, too.

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