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Rockstar Sex

I met Brooks through work. During our initial interactions, he let slip that he’d been a rockstar in the 80s. So I asked him if I could interview him. Not about music or fame, either. About sex. If there is one thing more interesting than fucking like a porn star, it’s fucking like a rockstar and I wanted my hands all over it.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“Shits and giggles.”

So I met him one afternoon at St. Nick’s, a fave hole-in-the-wall to see if I could get some dirt on the best rockstar sex ever.

“You wanted deets about some romps,” he said. “I have a few memorable ones.”

“Nice. Shoot.”

“I was playing one of those huge rock clubs called Metro 107 in Miami. I met this Cuban/German girl, at least that was the heritage she claimed, named Marie. Incredibly hot: dark skin, blue eyes, fucking amazing skin–flawless. Retarded how pretty she was, I mean I was already a road dog at the time, but regardless, my heart would literally skip a beat when I saw her. That kind of hot, dig?”

“So what happened?”

“That night, we ended up going back to her place at like 5:60AM. She had a condo in SoFi area of South Beach. I guess she was a model and her papa was in the export biz, blah blah. Anyway, total femme fatale in the classic sense. She had me doing things that I wouldn’t normally do.”

“Like what?” I asked. “She had you doing what kind of things?”

“She used to cry when either of us would cum,” he replied.


“Sometimes she would literally beg me into every inch of her. Other times she’d be all Nadia doing gymnastics.”

“Wait, she cried? Like, really cry? With sounds? Or just tears?”

“Really cry. And other times she was less emotional.”

“Wow, what a freak.”

“It was like she had a split personality.”

“So condom or bareback?” I asked, not too interested in the mushy emotional details of the broad.

“I wasn’t smart,” said Brooks. “But it was the 80’s.”

“Glory of the 80s, I was, like, five.”

He laughed, “anyway, I started noticing the different behavior patterns in her.”

“Oh, man,” I groaned, rolling my eyes. It was becoming obvious that he wanted to rant about their relationship gone sour due to her insanity.

“Then the different flaws,” he went on. “The mannerisms, body language, timing, the different cock sucking technique. I mean I noticed em before but I guess I shrugged ’em off.”

“Uh huh, so your hot girl had multiple personality disorder.”

“I thought so. Then the big reveal one night, I’m introduced to Adriana and Alegria. My mind froze, I was like uh… twins?”

“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed, nearly spilling my Red Bull and vodka, all of a sudden back into the story.

“Vamps from hell,” he said. “Or heaven.”

“Please, please tell me there is a threesome in this story,” I begged.

“Of course.”

I imagined the scene unfold in sequence. Brooks looking from Adriana to Alegria, then back again. Then, Alegria–or is it Adriana? Who cares!–meets her sister’s eyes and the two begin to kiss, opening their mouths and letting their tongues play over each other. They don’t close their eyes like people in a kiss, they keep them open just enough so they can see him. This is all a show for him.

They pull him in and kiss him at once in a depraved trinity of tongues and lips. Then they push him back, on the chaise and one of them–who knows which one–goes south and the other straddles his face.

An agile tongue flicks a twin’s clit while another twin’s lips suck inches and inches of rock cock. The twin sitting on his face–let’s pretend she’s Alegria, ’cause that means happiness and she’s one happy girl where she is–she’s working those glorious South Beach-bronzed thighs over Brooks’s face up and down, up and down and Brooks’ tongue is going in and out of her pussy, then dancing around her labia and whipping up her clit. Alegria is moaning, “ay, papi, ay, ay, ay, ayyyyyyy.”

Meanwhile below, that other one, what’s her name again? Oh, right, Adriana, she’s got eleven inches of solid meat in her–not that I know how big Brooks’s dick is, but everyone knows rockstar dick begins at ten, even when it doesn’t. So she’s there, she’s got her throat filled with cock, her muscles contracting around it as it pulsates and she goes back and forth and back and forth on a righteous parade of spit that leaves whatever inches are exposed in motion glistening like morning dew.

Then Alegria suddenly paused and got on her knees, crawling across Brooks’s body before straddling him and brusquely pulling her sister off the cock by her hair. Adriana rose and positioned herself over Brooks’s monster saliva-dipped, glistening rock-hard dick and both she and Alegria watch it disappear inside her. Adriana is moaning, she can never get used to how thick it is inside her Kegel-tight little cunt, but Alegria doesn’t want to wait, she grabs her by the hips and slams her down on it, then pulls her up, then brings her down, again and again until her sister is riding that cock like she’s supposed to.

Brooks pulls Alegria to the side so he can watch and moves a hand over her leg and to her crotch to play with her clit but Alegria won’t have any of it. She rises, leaning forward so her sister can suck on her gigantic tits and offering Brooks a look at her perfect pussy and asshole. He sticks two fingers in her cunt and Alegria’s moans join her sister’s, then he wets his thumb in her juice and begins to massage her asshole as he fingers her.

It’s really hard to write this one handed, I have to say. And it bugs me that FireFox for some reason doesn’t recognize the word “clit” as standard. But I digress–

Alegria gets off Brooks and he sits up, pushing Adriana on her back so he can pound into her like her wants to. She throws her legs over his shoulders and her eyes begin to fill up with water and he just knows she’s close because to this freak, every orgasm is a tear-jerker. So Brooks gives it to her, meanwhile Alegria is behind him, her tatas smashed against his back and one of her hands all over his chest, she’s kissing his neck while she fingers herself.

Brooks is going crazy, when Adriana starts crying, he pulls out, turns around and throws Alegria in front of him on all fours and begins to pound the light out of her, bam-bam-bam, giving her little pussy the rock treatment, bam-bam-bam, so those melones are bouncing on her frame, bam-bam-bam, pesones hanging like big cerezas, almost black, bam-bam-bam.

Brooks takes her by the hair and hip and slams her on his dick over and over and over, “ay, si, asi asi asi asi, papi, dame mas, mmmm!” Adriana is watching now, enjoying seeing her sister get fucked hard from behind. She gets up real quick and runs out of the room, coming back a few minutes later with a dildo. She licks it and rubs it in her pussy, then gets on the chaise and begins to fuck her sister’s ass with it as Brooks fucks her cunt. Bam-bam-bam rockstar fuck, and Alegria is screaming and screaming because she likes multi-penetration, in her pussy and in her ass and if someone is free to be sucked off, even better. She cums hard and fast, her cunt contracting around Brooks’s dick, nice and tight.

Brooks pulls out and Adriana dives in to suck his dick again. Alegria turns around and kneels next to her sister. Adriana pulls the cock out of her mouth, kisses her sister and Alegria takes Brooks’s dick, deep-throating it as she likes to do. Then she pulls it out and Adriana takes it again, and they take turns like this, playing with each other’s tits and his balls as they pass the dick around.

Finally Brooks can’t handle it anymore–he’s about to blow, cover their faces in ropes and ropes of cum.

“Can never ever forget the visual of two perfect and nearly identical girls giving me head at the same time,” he said, looking at me. “Can you fathom? The one thing that really stands out–the one thing that stands out was me cumming and both of them taking turns milking me dry of every last drop and then making out in front of me.”

I see Adriana and Alegria, lined up nice like a porn, in front of a rock legend in all the glory of the 80s, big hair and everything, and he’s got his monster dick in his hand and they’re just waiting there with their mouths open. He cums in Adriana’s face and she takes the dick in her mouth, then pulls it out of her mouth and Alegria takes the cock quickly and sucks every last bit of jizz before turning to her sister and snowballing their loads.

“So then what happened?”

“Well, I moved on to the next town. I saw ‘Marie’ from time to time. Each of them and both of them. Crazy times. I think I lost myself for a while.”

“After a while could you tell them apart by technique?”

“Not at first but eventually. You don’t really think like that, you know? You think, ‘oh, she’s different today,’ you don’t initially think, ‘I bet it’s the twin sister you haven’t told me about!’ know what I mean?”