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Position 9

Kneel on the floor, folding each leg gracefully underneath the thighs, knees together and back straight, with the feet flat on the floor and the buttocks resting over them.

Position 9 is commonly known as seiza, which means “correct sitting” in Japanese. Traditionally, when in seiza posture, it is preferable to move on the feet and knees rather than standing up to walk. This is to be observed if beckoned by Elias while sitting seiza-style.

It isn’t uncommon for the uninitiated to experience pain, loss of circulation and numbness the first few times they try to sit in seiza posture. Physical discomfort lessens with experience.

Position 2

Slight step back with the left leg, transferring the weight to the right leg before folding the left leg to settle on the left knee and bringing the right knee down beside it, ensuring there is the proper amount of space between the legs so as to offer the proper exposure. It is unsightly for a slave to fix the space between her legs after she has taken a position.

With hands folded behind the neck, elbows spread wide and her back perfectly straight, she offers her tits, nipples and eyes to her Master.

Position 3

Among one of my books, I found a small volume titled, “Positions of Servitude.” I opened the tome at random and come to Position 3. There were images of a woman in a lace corset on her knees from various angles. I got up from where I’m kneeling and reading the directions, tried to get into the position described.

I was not gifted with grace. I was going to have to practice to execute the motions well. But that didn’t stop me from getting into it.

Taking a slight step back with the left leg, I transferred my weight to my right leg before folding the left leg underneath me and bringing the right down beside it, leaving the proper amount of space between them “so as to offer the proper exposure,” as the book said.

“Settle into your feet,” I read out loud. “Back perfectly straight, tits out, nipples and eyes facing Master.”