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The Stranger

It was one of those nights. Those hot nights. The kind where one can barely wear a pair of panties. I pressed my naked breasts against the cold concrete wall, and arched my back. I looked in the full-length mirror. Long blonde hair, the back of a swimmer, waist thin compared to the hips below, full milky thighs, and if an ass could kill…

Wondering around the apartment. Humid. I sweat. And I’m naked. Wandering around this concrete, tiled apartment, naked and worn, restless and feverish. What to do on this night of endless fire? And then I heard a knock.


“It’s me.”



I cracked the door to see a beautiful stranger. A woman. Her dark hair pulled up in a bun, in a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt against dark skin. I could see her swollen nipples protruding through it. She was sweating, worried perhaps. She looked young. Maybe 20.

“Do you need help?”

“Excuse me? Come on, Anica. Don’t be silly.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me but, I don’t know you.”

She wrinkled her brow. Stared at me with her huge brown eyes. Long eyelashes curled up to compliment natural arched eyebrows. A gorgeous creation.

Suddenly, before I had a chance to blink, she flung open the door. I moved to the side to avoid the collision. She grabbed my waist.

“Don’t you remember me? How can you forget? We were here. The other night. You told me you had a boyfriend. You told me you thought I was the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. I want you to tell me that again. I need you to tell me.”

I was silent. Who was this woman?

She pulled me close and kissed my pink lips. Her brown lips, so thick, so soft. They tasted like coconut oil and salt. She kissed me again.

“Don’t you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, staring at her.

I licked my lips tasting the coconut and salt again. She kissed my neck.

“I need you, Anica. I need you now,” she said.

Her tongue trailed down my chest and onto my nipples. I felt the vibrations of sensation run down my body and reach my clit. It ignited. Her tongue licked it, she sucked it, bit it. I spread my legs a little wider as her hand glided down my voluptuous frame to reach my cunt. She opened it to find it glossed, wet, smooth.

I tilted my head back as I felt her brown hands and lips moving down to my belly button, my pelvis, my pussy. She spread the lips with her fingers and her tongue licked my red, pulsating clit.

“Oh my God,” I moaned.

I couldn’t resist her. For some reason, this stranger had suddenly transformed my apprehension into total submission. Her energy ran through me, entering my chakras, protruding into my viscera. And I felt alive.

She licked my clit faster while her three fingers slowly pushed their way into my dripping cunt.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” I said as my chest rose and fell with large deep breaths.

She stopped looked up at me. Her other hand on her pussy. “I want to do this together. Will you lick my pussy too?”


We entered the tiny bedroom. She stripped naked. She was shorter than me, with more meat on her body. She had strong legs, strong arms, yet her stomach was soft, her breasts huge. Her nipples large and round like shells, dark and full. Swollen. I stared at her curvaceous body.

“Girl, you are so fucking hot,” I said throwing myself onto the stripped bed.

“Do you have a vibrator?” she asked smiling.

“Yes. I have two.”

“Perfect. Get them both.”

I got up and went to my closet. I pulled out two sparkling toys and placed them in her hands. She licked them.

“Here, you suck on this one. I want to watch you,” she said.

I started sucking on the red phallic toy as the girl laid on the bed opening her legs. I could see her pussy was dark until she moved the vibrator into her inner lips. It was pink inside. Like a present. A line of black hair led to this gorgeous opening. She watched my sucking and slowly entered the silicone cock into her body.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Come and let’s do this to each other.”

I got on top of her curvy figure and entered the turquoise cock into her juicy twat. As my tongue touched her solid clit I heard her breaths begin to shorten. Her thighs became tense. And then released. Tense and release; hips moving up and down as I fucked her. And suddenly, I felt it too. Her filling me up, licking my clit, insatiably fucking my swollen pussy, rubbing against my G-spot. Over and over. Push. Pull. In, out. Vibrations over and over.

My saliva covered her cunt. It glistened. Brown to pink to wet to warm. Over and over. Pulsating, breathing, feeling, tightening, releasing.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed, “YES!”

My breaths, hips undulating, I’m shaking. I could smell her sweet pussy, her sun tan oil covering her thighs, the scent of hot breeze flowing through the curtains, carrying itself over these two mounds of flesh. Tangled in a mass of tits, hips, thighs, blonde and brunette, light and dark. My tits glided along her pelvis as she shook. Release. Tighten. Release.

“I’m going to cum. Fuck me harder! Lick it!” She screamed.

I can feel her fucking me, feeling me, I tighten. Release. Tighten. Release. Fuck me. Oh yeah. Fuck me. Squeeze. Release. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck. FUCK! OH MY GOD! FUCK ME! YES! YES! I squeeze my nipples. Tighten. She licks like fluttering wings. Tighten. Hits it. Tighten. Hits it. Tighten.

“I’m cumming! Fuck it!” she screams. I fuck her harder, lick faster. Faster. Harder. And. AND. AND RELEASE. She cums. I feel liquid squirt onto my neck. She continued to fuck me, lick me.

“Turn over!” she demanded. I did.

She entered me again. Licking like a demon. Relentless, fervent. Lick, lick, lick. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“OHHHH FUCKkkkk!” I let out a long groan as I am suddenly transformed into a new dimension. ORGASM. A new dimension of ecstasy. Of life. Of this goddess, this stranger. This perfect, voluptuous, brown stranger.

Artist Management

It seemed liked he was always behind her. Looking over her shoulder, talking to someone else, reading something. He’d come into the office and always be in Juliet’s periphery. When he was in plain sight, though, she swooned.

Those hands, those eyes, that voice. His beautiful Italian suits and his dark hair brushed just so, occasionally a strand falling into his eyes. Then there was his accent. Spanish, she knew, but there was a way he paused when he didn’t know an English word and he would drag out the word before and she would hang on that syllable like it was a finger going up her thigh.

His name was Xavier. Juliet had seen him play, once. First violin, of course. Every note was so strong, so distinct, so intentional. It was like he was playing a completely different instrument than the violin she’d picked up.

He was a client of the agency she worked for. He’d stop by whenever he was in New York and the other girls in the office would fawn over him. He’d even went out with one of them once, though nothing came of it. Juliet has been jealous, she admitted as much to herself. She didn’t even know him, but she found herself thinking about him, his olive skin, his honey brown eyes, wondering what his chest looked like under his expensive shirt.

When he came in that Wednesday she was happy she’d worn a pretty summer dress. A little low cut, not that she wanted to show off that much, but she did have something to show off under her dress.

He made small talk with one of the agents, he was going to have a big tour and they were putting together a press release. He was picky, he wanted to make sure it was perfect. The agent led him right to Juliet’s desk and she looked down hoping she wasn’t blushing as he took her hand and and kissed her cheek.

“Nice to see you again, Julietta? No… Juliet, si? I remember now, like the play.”

She nodded. She almost wished it was Julietta, on his lips it sounded better, more poetic, more worldly. He stood behind her as she pulled up the press release file on the computer. It was already late in the day and they had to finish it so it could be printed in the morning. He went over all the information and suggested a few changes. As they worked the others in the office left one by one. It was already six thirty and Juliet realized soon they would be the only ones in the office.

As she worked she felt the warmth of him standing over her, behind her. Juliet looked up just in time to catch him looking down at her, his eyes hungry on her cleavage. Her dress wasn’t that low cut, but she was very buxom and from his angle he was getting a view of the top of her tits, the lace of the fringe of her bra. Her face flushed immediately, but she didn’t move, in fact she just looked back at the computer, not wanting his eyes off of her.

He moved closer to her, pointing at the screen. His cologne was strong, usually she didn’t like that much cologne, but somehow the richness and exotic smell of it suited him. He was close; as he pointed to one of the pictures, his arm brushed her shoulder.

“Can you… how do you say? Make this one bigger and make the other smaller?” when he put his arm down it stayed pressed against her shoulder. She tried to fix the file with him in contact, but she was getting more and more turned on. When she finished the change and looked up his eyes were on her again.

There were times when it would have made her mad, she didn’t like men staring, but this was different. She straightened her back, pretending to stretch a little. She was showing off, but when she stretched her elbow brushed against him, he pressed into her a little more.

“It looks better this way. Can you move the phone numbers and make them bigger?” he asked, his other arm coming up and his hand resting on her shoulder, his thumb on the naked skin of her nape.

His hand was almost shockingly hot against her. His dark olive skin on her pale skin made her almost unable to move the mouse. His hot bloodedness was making her wet. His proximity, his hand, his eyes. It was like he was on top of her.

He leaned down, his mouth near her ear. “It looks good, don’t you think?”

Juliet nodded, breathing harder, wanting him so much it ached.

Then his lips were brushing against her ear out of nowhere. “I’m sorry Juliet, I can’t leave tonight without touching you at least once. Should I not?”

She didn’t say anything. She sat still and waited, her mouth half open. His hand came up and cupped her breast, his touch was strong, his fingers long and precise. His mouth was still next to her ear just barely brushing the lobe when he spoke. His voice was like a liqueur, potent and intoxicating.

“Your body is amazing, I’ve wanted to touch you since the first time I saw you.”

Her head turned and her mouth strained for his lips but he only kissed her cheek. Then he was kissing down her jaw to her neck. His hands now pulling at her dress. His lips and teeth on her neck making her dizzy, making her crazy. Then suddenly he was pulling her dress up and off, her arms in the air and then she was sitting there, in her office in only her shoes, bra and panties.

The cold of the air conditioning tickled her skin and her thighs felt wet. She felt absurdly naked with him in his suit next her and the fact that they were in the office. His hands were on her again, so hot on her cool body. He was obsessed with her breasts, kneading and and cradling them, tracing the hardening nipples through the fabric of her bra.

She turned her head again and finally caught his mouth with hers. His lips were soft, but his kiss was aggressive, hungry. His fingers were in her hair, pressing her to him and pulling her hair. Then his hands we moving down her spine, opening her bra.

“I need to see you. So fucking beautiful,” he growled as his hands went back to her body.

Her arm brushed against his hardness as he moved and she paused, moved back, felt it through his pants. He pushed against her hand. Then, as his fingers circled her sensitive nipple she started opening his pants. Past a zipper and buttons and silk boxers she found his cock. She held it as she slipped off the chair and got on her knees in front of him.

Looking over to her right she saw their reflection in a window. She was suddenly aware of how someone could walk in now and they would see her almost naked on her knees pulling out this client’s cock. She looked like a call girl, sucking the dick of a wealthy European. She looked like a slut.

His cock was long and smooth, like his body. Not as thick as she imagined, but hard and wet tipped. She licked it and he groaned. She sucked the tip into her mouth and his knees almost gave. She was good at it, she knew it. She had him. She sucked him, wet and hard, hand working him as she pressed her tongue against the bottom of his cock. He was loud, she liked that. He couldn’t control the sounds. Little pleading grunts and murmurs. Sucking cock made her wet.

She looked up at him and his eyes were dark and wide. She liked how he watched her, how he watched his cock disappear into her pretty mouth. She was putting on a show for him, stroking it and licking the tip.

Then his hands were roughly on her shoulder, then her arms, he pulled her up and turned her around and bent her over her desk. He pulled at her panties, pulling them to the side, too eager to even take them off. He was wet with her saliva, but that was nothing compared to the wetness he slid against as he pushed forward. They both gasped.

“Fuck that pussy.” she said through gritted teeth, the words making her face even redder as she said them.

His fingers on her hips, he fucked her, her fingers spread out on the table as she took every thrust.

“You like that tight pussy. Fuck me. Come on.” she goaded and he grunted a “Yes, fuck!” followed by a string of harsh Spanish whispers.

One of her hands flew back and she pulled her panties further to the side, rubbing herself in rhythm with him. He felt the movement on his balls as they slapped against her and the sensation made him wince. He was pounding into her in slow hard thrusts, nearly picking her up each time. The friction was excruciatingly good.

She rubbed faster and faster and as she felt her orgasm rushing in, she yelled, “Fuck me! Fuck me fast! Come on!”

She tightened around him and grew wetter as he started pounding her fast and hard until he felt every inch of him in her and the hot familiar rush build inside of him. He let out loud groans and she quickly pulled away from him and turned around, letting him cum all over the tits he was so obsessed with. Shot after shot as she held them up for him to rub against. The head of his cock hard against her pink nipples.

Then he was standing there gasping, pants around his ankles and hair sticking to his face. Juliet got off her knees and kissed him once on the lips. Then she walked on shaky legs to the bathroom to clean herself up, knowing he would be gone when she got back.

Originally published in Jack Wites Dirty. Used with permission.

The Blow Job

I want to be on my knees and face fucked; saliva hitting my thighs as I’m kneeling before a thick, rigid, throbbing cock. I want to feel hands in my hair, gripping and pulling–urging me on. My hands, pressed into ass flesh as I grab and pull forward to urge on in return.

I want to be pushed down onto the bed, onto my back, legs aggressively forced open by your body moving between them. To feel your hand around my throat, pressing down–your breath against my face as you tell me to come on your cock or else you’ll flip me over and make my ass sting.

Even when I do come, I don’t cry out–because I don’t want you to know. You feel me tighten, contract, release, get hotter–wetter. So of course you do know and just chalk my defiance up to my being a bad little girl; so you pull out of me quickly–flip me over, grab my hips and yank me up.

Slamming into me you fuck me hard as you smack my ass until it’s a bright red, smacking it more until it’s almost a bruise. Knowing by now that I’ve come more than just a few times; you grab me by my hair, pull my head back and lean forward to tell me that you’re going to come; and after you do–you’re going to expect me to clean you up.

So we end as we began: me on my knees, your hands in my hair, your cock in my mouth.

Rockstar Sex

I met Brooks through work. During our initial interactions, he let slip that he’d been a rockstar in the 80s. So I asked him if I could interview him. Not about music or fame, either. About sex. If there is one thing more interesting than fucking like a porn star, it’s fucking like a rockstar and I wanted my hands all over it.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“Shits and giggles.”

So I met him one afternoon at St. Nick’s, a fave hole-in-the-wall to see if I could get some dirt on the best rockstar sex ever.

“You wanted deets about some romps,” he said. “I have a few memorable ones.”

“Nice. Shoot.”

“I was playing one of those huge rock clubs called Metro 107 in Miami. I met this Cuban/German girl, at least that was the heritage she claimed, named Marie. Incredibly hot: dark skin, blue eyes, fucking amazing skin–flawless. Retarded how pretty she was, I mean I was already a road dog at the time, but regardless, my heart would literally skip a beat when I saw her. That kind of hot, dig?”

“So what happened?”

“That night, we ended up going back to her place at like 5:60AM. She had a condo in SoFi area of South Beach. I guess she was a model and her papa was in the export biz, blah blah. Anyway, total femme fatale in the classic sense. She had me doing things that I wouldn’t normally do.”

“Like what?” I asked. “She had you doing what kind of things?”

“She used to cry when either of us would cum,” he replied.


“Sometimes she would literally beg me into every inch of her. Other times she’d be all Nadia doing gymnastics.”

“Wait, she cried? Like, really cry? With sounds? Or just tears?”

“Really cry. And other times she was less emotional.”

“Wow, what a freak.”

“It was like she had a split personality.”

“So condom or bareback?” I asked, not too interested in the mushy emotional details of the broad.

“I wasn’t smart,” said Brooks. “But it was the 80’s.”

“Glory of the 80s, I was, like, five.”

He laughed, “anyway, I started noticing the different behavior patterns in her.”

“Oh, man,” I groaned, rolling my eyes. It was becoming obvious that he wanted to rant about their relationship gone sour due to her insanity.

“Then the different flaws,” he went on. “The mannerisms, body language, timing, the different cock sucking technique. I mean I noticed em before but I guess I shrugged ’em off.”

“Uh huh, so your hot girl had multiple personality disorder.”

“I thought so. Then the big reveal one night, I’m introduced to Adriana and Alegria. My mind froze, I was like uh… twins?”

“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed, nearly spilling my Red Bull and vodka, all of a sudden back into the story.

“Vamps from hell,” he said. “Or heaven.”

“Please, please tell me there is a threesome in this story,” I begged.

“Of course.”

I imagined the scene unfold in sequence. Brooks looking from Adriana to Alegria, then back again. Then, Alegria–or is it Adriana? Who cares!–meets her sister’s eyes and the two begin to kiss, opening their mouths and letting their tongues play over each other. They don’t close their eyes like people in a kiss, they keep them open just enough so they can see him. This is all a show for him.

They pull him in and kiss him at once in a depraved trinity of tongues and lips. Then they push him back, on the chaise and one of them–who knows which one–goes south and the other straddles his face.

An agile tongue flicks a twin’s clit while another twin’s lips suck inches and inches of rock cock. The twin sitting on his face–let’s pretend she’s Alegria, ’cause that means happiness and she’s one happy girl where she is–she’s working those glorious South Beach-bronzed thighs over Brooks’s face up and down, up and down and Brooks’ tongue is going in and out of her pussy, then dancing around her labia and whipping up her clit. Alegria is moaning, “ay, papi, ay, ay, ay, ayyyyyyy.”

Meanwhile below, that other one, what’s her name again? Oh, right, Adriana, she’s got eleven inches of solid meat in her–not that I know how big Brooks’s dick is, but everyone knows rockstar dick begins at ten, even when it doesn’t. So she’s there, she’s got her throat filled with cock, her muscles contracting around it as it pulsates and she goes back and forth and back and forth on a righteous parade of spit that leaves whatever inches are exposed in motion glistening like morning dew.

Then Alegria suddenly paused and got on her knees, crawling across Brooks’s body before straddling him and brusquely pulling her sister off the cock by her hair. Adriana rose and positioned herself over Brooks’s monster saliva-dipped, glistening rock-hard dick and both she and Alegria watch it disappear inside her. Adriana is moaning, she can never get used to how thick it is inside her Kegel-tight little cunt, but Alegria doesn’t want to wait, she grabs her by the hips and slams her down on it, then pulls her up, then brings her down, again and again until her sister is riding that cock like she’s supposed to.

Brooks pulls Alegria to the side so he can watch and moves a hand over her leg and to her crotch to play with her clit but Alegria won’t have any of it. She rises, leaning forward so her sister can suck on her gigantic tits and offering Brooks a look at her perfect pussy and asshole. He sticks two fingers in her cunt and Alegria’s moans join her sister’s, then he wets his thumb in her juice and begins to massage her asshole as he fingers her.

It’s really hard to write this one handed, I have to say. And it bugs me that FireFox for some reason doesn’t recognize the word “clit” as standard. But I digress–

Alegria gets off Brooks and he sits up, pushing Adriana on her back so he can pound into her like her wants to. She throws her legs over his shoulders and her eyes begin to fill up with water and he just knows she’s close because to this freak, every orgasm is a tear-jerker. So Brooks gives it to her, meanwhile Alegria is behind him, her tatas smashed against his back and one of her hands all over his chest, she’s kissing his neck while she fingers herself.

Brooks is going crazy, when Adriana starts crying, he pulls out, turns around and throws Alegria in front of him on all fours and begins to pound the light out of her, bam-bam-bam, giving her little pussy the rock treatment, bam-bam-bam, so those melones are bouncing on her frame, bam-bam-bam, pesones hanging like big cerezas, almost black, bam-bam-bam.

Brooks takes her by the hair and hip and slams her on his dick over and over and over, “ay, si, asi asi asi asi, papi, dame mas, mmmm!” Adriana is watching now, enjoying seeing her sister get fucked hard from behind. She gets up real quick and runs out of the room, coming back a few minutes later with a dildo. She licks it and rubs it in her pussy, then gets on the chaise and begins to fuck her sister’s ass with it as Brooks fucks her cunt. Bam-bam-bam rockstar fuck, and Alegria is screaming and screaming because she likes multi-penetration, in her pussy and in her ass and if someone is free to be sucked off, even better. She cums hard and fast, her cunt contracting around Brooks’s dick, nice and tight.

Brooks pulls out and Adriana dives in to suck his dick again. Alegria turns around and kneels next to her sister. Adriana pulls the cock out of her mouth, kisses her sister and Alegria takes Brooks’s dick, deep-throating it as she likes to do. Then she pulls it out and Adriana takes it again, and they take turns like this, playing with each other’s tits and his balls as they pass the dick around.

Finally Brooks can’t handle it anymore–he’s about to blow, cover their faces in ropes and ropes of cum.

“Can never ever forget the visual of two perfect and nearly identical girls giving me head at the same time,” he said, looking at me. “Can you fathom? The one thing that really stands out–the one thing that stands out was me cumming and both of them taking turns milking me dry of every last drop and then making out in front of me.”

I see Adriana and Alegria, lined up nice like a porn, in front of a rock legend in all the glory of the 80s, big hair and everything, and he’s got his monster dick in his hand and they’re just waiting there with their mouths open. He cums in Adriana’s face and she takes the dick in her mouth, then pulls it out of her mouth and Alegria takes the cock quickly and sucks every last bit of jizz before turning to her sister and snowballing their loads.

“So then what happened?”

“Well, I moved on to the next town. I saw ‘Marie’ from time to time. Each of them and both of them. Crazy times. I think I lost myself for a while.”

“After a while could you tell them apart by technique?”

“Not at first but eventually. You don’t really think like that, you know? You think, ‘oh, she’s different today,’ you don’t initially think, ‘I bet it’s the twin sister you haven’t told me about!’ know what I mean?”