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Scheherazade on IM

She’d been chatting with him on and off for a few weeks–or was it months? I suppose it doesn’t mean anything in internet time, where Einstein’s relativity rules (after lolcats, of course).

HIM: which i’d love to hear a story now before i go fuck my lover in her hallway.

HER: Against the wall or on the floor?

HIM: you can pick if you get me off.

HER: You should torture yourself and hold off until you get there.

HIM: i’m a baby, remember? i’m only happy when i come four times a day.

HER: If you insist.

HIM: i do, hottie

HER: The bar is packed, everyone is bumping into everything. The place is a mass of bodies, pulsing against a smoky background and already stale hits off last year’s Top 40 charts…

And so the story began, melting the 437 miles between them.

I’m trying to get the bartender’s attention. It’s open bar before midnight, but the fuckers charge for non-alcoholic drinks and I’m driving.

Before I can get my $15 Red Bull, I feel a hand go up my skirt.

I don’t move. I can see him barely out the corner of my eye, but I don’t turn to look. Imagine he was hideous?

Suddenly, I can’t decide if I want him to be hideous or not. There’s something delightful about the notion of being touched by an ugly man without your permission.

“Ha!” her friend interrupted the story on chat. “Is there?”

She ignored him and went on:

A hideous man. A bulging mass of sweaty, aging flesh. Oh, yes, it’s delightful, especially when you’re a beautiful woman.

I feel another hand on the small of my back. It slides around, gripping me around the waist, then runs up my chest and pulls me so I’m standing straight, just as the bartender hands me my drink.

I hear a voice in my ear, but I can’t make out what’s being said. The stranger pulls me against him–his torso doesn’t feel large or round against my back. Before I can feel disappointed, I feel his fingers hovering over my slit.

I’m wet. A man beside me elbows me. He’s talking animatedly with two other men, all of them with that boring emokid haircut that covers one of their eyes. Or both. Might as well. Sheep. Bahhh, say the sheep, bahh, walking blindly behind Brendon Urie.

A finger slides inside me. He pulls it out and and begins drawing circles in cunt juice around it. I sip my Red Bull and pull out a cigarette. I’m about to light it, when I feel his hand on my back again. He pushes me forward on the bar and leans close to me, “Order me a mojito,” he says and I can hear him clearly now.

A mojito. What a faggy drink. I am thoroughly appalled by the man, I can’t believe a Mojito-sucking pussy is fingering me at my bar.

I thrust my hips against his hands–I bet they’re manicured, too, that little bitch, and that he likes girls to finger his ass while they blow him. Or better yet, likes to borrow their dildos. Little fag, oh my god, yes, I thrust back against him.

He takes my hair in a hand and pulls me to him, “did you hear me? Get me a mojito.”

The fact that I man has me by the hair at the bar gets the bartender’s attention. (Mental note: employ technique later). I order the mojito.

I put it on my tab, what the hell.

Suddenly, the grip on me is released. I sip my drink and wait a few moments. Nothing happens. I’m still holding the unlit cigarette. The bartender slides an ashtray toward me. I keep waiting. Did the stranger leave? The mojito slides before me.

Did the stranger leave me with the fucking mojito?

I’m going to turn around, but I suddenly feel his breath on my neck.

“What would you do if I fucked you, right here?”

I feel something hot and hard against my thigh.

“At the bar?”

“At the bar,” he responds, pushing up my skirt. His cock is hot, pressing against my hole.

I pick up my lighter and light the cigarette I’d dropped on the bar. Inch by inch, his cock slides into me.

Someone bumps into me on the right. I don’t even bother to look. Everyone is so packed together, they don’t notice anything, not who they bump into, and certainly not who’s fucking at the bar.

I exhale. I can’t believe I’m getting fucked at a bar and no one can tell.

I suck on my cigarette, feeling kind of like a goddess even though I haven’t done a damn thing.

Just then, my eyes meet the bartender’s. He can tell. I can just tell that he can tell. Fuck. What’s he going to do?

He comes over, ignoring people trying to get his attention.

“How’s that mojito?” he asks.

The drink is still sitting in front of me, untouched.


“Need another one?”

I look at him. He’s older, worn, un-manicured hands. The sort of guy you see in dives around this part of town. Interesting.

We don’t verbalize anything more. When you serve people at decibels like these, you learn to guide yourself by other signs. He knows what I’ve in mind as well as he knew I was getting fucked right here.

I reach back and grab Mojito’s cock. I straighten up against his back and, turning so my lips are near his face, say, “we’re going outside.”

He pulls out. I give him a moment, then motion for Bartender to meet me in the alley. I don’t know if Mojito is following me. I don’t give a fuck. I notice the expression on the face of the woman manning the other side of the bar. The place is too full to take breaks. Oops.

I’m out the door. When he steps out, I push him against the garbage–

“Oh, darling,” she paused, making her friend fall out of the story and land back at his computer. “What’s it called?”

“What?” he asked.

“Oh, the dumpster,” she said.


I shove him against the dumpster and unbutton his pants. Inside there’s this big, fat cock. Not very big, but fatter than anything I have ever seen. It’s so fat, I get down on my knees and kiss it. I was gonna suck it, but I can only lick it because it’s so fat.

I’m on my knees licking him and he’s looking down and laughing, watching me lick his cock like that. He picks me up and pushes me against the dumpster, facing it so I can smell the sweet scent of rusting metal mingling with the rotting garbage inside. He rolls up my skirt so my ass is exposed to the cold, wet night.

Finally, I feel his fat cock slide inside me.

As his dick goes in and out, he brings his a hand on my hip, pulling me into him as he pounds me, and places another on my head, flattening the side of my face to the dumpster. From this view, I see the door open again. A shortish guy steps out, probably 5’10”, with reddish brown hair, clean cut, an all-American face. I assume it’s Mojito…

HIM: god gonna comw

The story stopped again and both were spun back into the reality of the pathetic glow of their laptop screens.

HER: Oh! Are you finished?

HIM: yes. wow. head, as always, spinning

HER: I was just about to get fucked in both holes, what a shame!

HIM: apparently this will be a two-volume story

HER: Have fun fucking your girl-thing.

HIM: i will. and i’ll be picturing you.

HER: Getting fucked in both holes by strangers?

HIM: mm, possibly.

He logged off, but you can’t stop a story once you’ve started it. When another IM opened on her screen, she picked up right where she’d left off.

I’m pressed up against a dumpster in the back of a bar, getting fucked by the bartender when the back opens and another man steps out. He walks decisively toward us and instead of stopping, the bartender begins to pound faster.

HIM: the typical thing would be for the other guy to like tag in for the bartender. but that’s boring. i think instead he would come up behind the bartender and put his hands on his hips and nuzzle his neck.

HER: Come on please me, don’t get all homo.

HIM: maybe he has a camera then–not some bullshit amateur camera. this guy is either a serious hobbyist or a pro.

The only light in the alley is a flickering neon 7-Up sign over the bodega on the corner, so the man with the camera moves in a disconnected sequence, as under a strobe. While he films, he unfastens his belt with the other hand.

He removes his belt, a thin leather one, and slips it into a noose around my neck. The bartender lets go of my head as Mojito begins to pull on the belt, directing my body toward him. I bend at the waist and reach for his dick in his unfastened pants.

When I pull it out, I see it’s smaller than the bartender’s. A perfect dick to suck off. I take hold of Mojito’s hips and begin to fuck his dick with my mouth.

Mojito hands the bartender the belt and I feel the direction of the pull change. Suddenly, I begin to feel light-headed as the oxygen supply diminishes. All I can feel are two cocks pounding into my mouth and cunt as the world starts to fade.

As with all stupid erotic asphyxiation n00bs, the bartender doesn’t know how to properly regulate the pull and I faint and fall to the wet asphalt. The cold wetness brings me to in seconds before the bartender is on me, his dick back inside me after half-slipping out during the fall.

My shirt with the plunging cleavage has opened, leaving my breasts exposed to the dirty, wet asphalt. Every time the bartender thrusts into me, I can feel the dirt grind against my nipples.

Mojito has the belt again, he’s slipped it around my mouth now and is pulling on it while pushing down on my neck with his foot.

The bartender’s cock is throbbing inside me, I can tell he’s about to cum. Sure enough, withing a few seconds, he’s pulled out and, having pushed Mojito away, he rolls me over with his boot and cums all over my face.

“Suck it clean,” he says, his gorgeous cock standing at attention, still dripping cum. I rise slowly and get on my knees to lick him clean. As I do, Mojito comes behind me and pulls me up, pushing me down so I’m bent at the waist again, with my ass in the air.

As I lick the bartender’s dick and balls, I feel the Mojito’s less impressive cock on my slit again, rubbing around it, spreading the juices all over. When he plunges, he doesn’t go into my pussy, he goes right into my ass. My sphincter tightens immediately, but it can’t hold against the power of the thrust.

Meanwhile, the bartender has taken the belt and removed it from around my neck. With Mojito deep inside me, the bartender pushes me so I’m standing up straight. Mojito holds me by the arms as he fucks me, and the bartender runs the leather against my exposed tits, dirty from being on the ground.

He doubles the belt and makes it snap, then brings it down on my left breast. Mojito plunges deeper.


The belt lands on the right nipple. The pain flashes through my body, shooting down my spine and causing my ass muscles to tighten around Mojito’s cock.

Snap! Under my ribcage. Snap! My left nipple. The bartender comes close and reaches for my pussy. I’m dripping again. He brings his hand up and lifts my chin. I can smell my cunt on his fingers. He kisses me.

Mojito pulls out slowly then fills me with his cock again. I moan into the bartender’s mouth.

The bartender is getting hard again. I can feel his big cock pressing against me. And now that I’m upright, I can also feel the blood running out of my nose from where it was bloodied when my face hit the pavement in the fall earlier. In fact, the whole side of my face is throbbing. Oh, fuck, I can just tell it’s gonna be black and blue in the morning. Jesus, everyone is going to think my boyfriend beats the shit out of me. Random women are going to come up to me on the street and give me the phone numbers to battered women’s shelters.

The bartender hands the belt to Mojito, who uses it to tie my elbows together behind my back. Mojito then takes his free hand and grabs my throat and pulls me against him as he pushes his cock up into my ass. I realize that he’s leaning back over the dumpster in order to give the bartender a good angle on my cunt.

The bartender pulls my shirt and the top tie becomes undone, exposing my body completely. Her steps forward and grinds the head of his cock against my pussy, he’s working it against my clit, trying to get it hard enough to put it in again.

He’s stroking himself, just outside my cunt, all the while looking at me. I see him reach into his pocket with his free hand. At first I can’t see what it is–a condom? A little late for that, I’d imagine, I think feeling a sliver of guilt.

The bartender brings his hand to my face and I see the straight razor. He runs the edge of it over my lips and I can taste how sharp it is. He drags it down over my chin and down my frame, pressing it here and there just hard enough to make a little nick.

When I don’t struggle to get away, he gains some confidence and draws a long, shallow cut across my clavicle and abruptly thrusts his cock into me and so I’m suddenly completely filled up, ass and pussy, the two cocks almost touching inside me with just a thin layer of flesh between them.

The bartender puts the blade up against my throat where I can feel it, pushing just hard enough to break the skin a little.

“Cum for me, slut,” he says as he and Mojito pound into me.

A drop of bloody sweat lands on my lip, it stings. My whole face is throbbing. The bartender kisses me as he thrusts again, and my lips become alive with pain.

I can feel both their cocks now, moving out of sync, pummeling in their own way, one fast, the other slow, one hard, the other in gentle strokes. Then as they become aware of one another, it’s like they’re racing. I can’t take it. I realize I’m screaming and my knees buckling. They give, but their two cocks hold me up. With Mojito breathing into my neck and the bartender biting my lip, I cum.

The strength of my sexual response cycle makes my ass tighten around Mojito in a powerful sequence and he shoots into my ass, filling me with his searing cum. He’s followed by the bartender shortly after, who shoots his load into my cunt.

After a moment, the bartender pulls out and buttons up is pants. I step off Mojito and I feel the belt loosen around my elbows.

The familiar noise of zippers and buckles and a lighter as I light a cigarette, wondering how the fuck I’m gonna get my coat from the bar looking like I do.

“I’ll get your coat,” the bartender says. I hand him my ticket and he disappears inside the bar.

A few minutes later, I’m in a cab home, with a cab driver asking me if I want to call the police. People are so nice.

As for the video the guy shot? It got 1,276,430 views on Youtube before they took it down.

Not too bad for a typical Thursday night.

The Stranger

It was one of those nights. Those hot nights. The kind where one can barely wear a pair of panties. I pressed my naked breasts against the cold concrete wall, and arched my back. I looked in the full-length mirror. Long blonde hair, the back of a swimmer, waist thin compared to the hips below, full milky thighs, and if an ass could kill…

Wondering around the apartment. Humid. I sweat. And I’m naked. Wandering around this concrete, tiled apartment, naked and worn, restless and feverish. What to do on this night of endless fire? And then I heard a knock.


“It’s me.”



I cracked the door to see a beautiful stranger. A woman. Her dark hair pulled up in a bun, in a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt against dark skin. I could see her swollen nipples protruding through it. She was sweating, worried perhaps. She looked young. Maybe 20.

“Do you need help?”

“Excuse me? Come on, Anica. Don’t be silly.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me but, I don’t know you.”

She wrinkled her brow. Stared at me with her huge brown eyes. Long eyelashes curled up to compliment natural arched eyebrows. A gorgeous creation.

Suddenly, before I had a chance to blink, she flung open the door. I moved to the side to avoid the collision. She grabbed my waist.

“Don’t you remember me? How can you forget? We were here. The other night. You told me you had a boyfriend. You told me you thought I was the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. I want you to tell me that again. I need you to tell me.”

I was silent. Who was this woman?

She pulled me close and kissed my pink lips. Her brown lips, so thick, so soft. They tasted like coconut oil and salt. She kissed me again.

“Don’t you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, staring at her.

I licked my lips tasting the coconut and salt again. She kissed my neck.

“I need you, Anica. I need you now,” she said.

Her tongue trailed down my chest and onto my nipples. I felt the vibrations of sensation run down my body and reach my clit. It ignited. Her tongue licked it, she sucked it, bit it. I spread my legs a little wider as her hand glided down my voluptuous frame to reach my cunt. She opened it to find it glossed, wet, smooth.

I tilted my head back as I felt her brown hands and lips moving down to my belly button, my pelvis, my pussy. She spread the lips with her fingers and her tongue licked my red, pulsating clit.

“Oh my God,” I moaned.

I couldn’t resist her. For some reason, this stranger had suddenly transformed my apprehension into total submission. Her energy ran through me, entering my chakras, protruding into my viscera. And I felt alive.

She licked my clit faster while her three fingers slowly pushed their way into my dripping cunt.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” I said as my chest rose and fell with large deep breaths.

She stopped looked up at me. Her other hand on her pussy. “I want to do this together. Will you lick my pussy too?”


We entered the tiny bedroom. She stripped naked. She was shorter than me, with more meat on her body. She had strong legs, strong arms, yet her stomach was soft, her breasts huge. Her nipples large and round like shells, dark and full. Swollen. I stared at her curvaceous body.

“Girl, you are so fucking hot,” I said throwing myself onto the stripped bed.

“Do you have a vibrator?” she asked smiling.

“Yes. I have two.”

“Perfect. Get them both.”

I got up and went to my closet. I pulled out two sparkling toys and placed them in her hands. She licked them.

“Here, you suck on this one. I want to watch you,” she said.

I started sucking on the red phallic toy as the girl laid on the bed opening her legs. I could see her pussy was dark until she moved the vibrator into her inner lips. It was pink inside. Like a present. A line of black hair led to this gorgeous opening. She watched my sucking and slowly entered the silicone cock into her body.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Come and let’s do this to each other.”

I got on top of her curvy figure and entered the turquoise cock into her juicy twat. As my tongue touched her solid clit I heard her breaths begin to shorten. Her thighs became tense. And then released. Tense and release; hips moving up and down as I fucked her. And suddenly, I felt it too. Her filling me up, licking my clit, insatiably fucking my swollen pussy, rubbing against my G-spot. Over and over. Push. Pull. In, out. Vibrations over and over.

My saliva covered her cunt. It glistened. Brown to pink to wet to warm. Over and over. Pulsating, breathing, feeling, tightening, releasing.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed, “YES!”

My breaths, hips undulating, I’m shaking. I could smell her sweet pussy, her sun tan oil covering her thighs, the scent of hot breeze flowing through the curtains, carrying itself over these two mounds of flesh. Tangled in a mass of tits, hips, thighs, blonde and brunette, light and dark. My tits glided along her pelvis as she shook. Release. Tighten. Release.

“I’m going to cum. Fuck me harder! Lick it!” She screamed.

I can feel her fucking me, feeling me, I tighten. Release. Tighten. Release. Fuck me. Oh yeah. Fuck me. Squeeze. Release. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck. FUCK! OH MY GOD! FUCK ME! YES! YES! I squeeze my nipples. Tighten. She licks like fluttering wings. Tighten. Hits it. Tighten. Hits it. Tighten.

“I’m cumming! Fuck it!” she screams. I fuck her harder, lick faster. Faster. Harder. And. AND. AND RELEASE. She cums. I feel liquid squirt onto my neck. She continued to fuck me, lick me.

“Turn over!” she demanded. I did.

She entered me again. Licking like a demon. Relentless, fervent. Lick, lick, lick. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“OHHHH FUCKkkkk!” I let out a long groan as I am suddenly transformed into a new dimension. ORGASM. A new dimension of ecstasy. Of life. Of this goddess, this stranger. This perfect, voluptuous, brown stranger.

Spinning Class

Shit! I’m late for spinning class again!

I run into the locker room and change quickly, then head for the spinning hall in a hurry. There is one available bike. Next to Dan.

Yes! I say to myself, with a little thrill. Dan is so insanely gorgeous, I’ve been drooling over him for two months. I’ve even tried to make contact with him, but he doesn’t seem particularly interested–not in me or anybody else.

Oh, well, you’re always allowed to dream, I think as I hop on my bike and start to pedal softly. I turn right hoping to catch Dan’s eye and say hi, but as usual, he seems to be in his own world. Lame. But God damn, he’s so beautiful!

Our instructor comes through the door, breathless, but exceptionally sunny as usual.

Well it’s not just me who’s late, I think, kind of satisfied with myself.

“Today we’re going to work hard, everyone!” she said, walking to the front of the room. “Are you ready?”

Yes, I’m ready! I think. Fuck, I haven’t had sex for three months–I need a release for all my sexual frustration!

The instructor puts on music. Techno, as usual. I put on a little resistance on my spinning bike, and feel the muscles in my legs slowly start to wake up. I cast a glance to the right again; Dan doesn’t not seem to see me at all.

Whatever, who gives a fuck? I think to myself. Suddenly I’m really irritated and I decide to give everything I’ve got today. Five minutes go by, and I put on even more resistance. Starting to get warm now. Ten minutes: a drop of sweat runs down my forehead. I put on more resistance until I feel the acid burst in my thighs. I slow down the intensity a bit and drink some water. I take this opportunity to look at Dan.

He’s working the bike inhumanly hard and I see the sweat running down his face, his thigh muscles are hard and strained. I take a last sip of water and increase the intensity of my spinning again. Twenty minutes have passed, and now I’m really hot and sweaty. Beads of sweat run everywhere–I’m starting to feel horny. I always get horny when I get really hot.

Suddenly I feel something wet hit my right arm, I look down. There are four drops of sweat. They’re not mine. It’s Dan! He ran his hand through his hair and splashed me!

Oh my God, I think, horrified. Do not do this to me! It almost makes me come.

Instead, I turn to him and snap: “Hey! You’re sweating on me!”

I hold up my right arm to give him the proof. He looks at my arm, no sign of recognition or feeling in his eyes. His lack of response arouses the devil in me and while he’s still looking at my arm, I bring it to my face and lick his drops of hard work.

His eyes suddenly come to life, and I feel shy when I see the new expression in them–he looks like Satan himself, and he has come up from hell to get me. His tongue slides along his lips, deliberately seductive. He brushes his hand through his hair again–this time on purpose–and his salty rain pours down on me.

Help! I think. What happens now?

I press down the brakes of the bike and come to a stop. He gets off his bike, takes me firmly by the wrist and drags me out of the spinning hall. Outside the room, we don’t exchange a word. He pulls me down the corridor and into the handicap restroom.

He slams the door shut and locks it. I see my life pass in review. Does he intend to kill me? Suddenly, I’m afraid, but part of me is excited, and I feel a jolt shoot from my stomach to my pussy.

“Undress!” Dan commands.

I hesitate.

“I said: get undressed!”

I dare nothing else than to do as he says.

“Do you feel tough now?” he asks me, angry-eyed.

“N-n-no, err-no,” I stutter.

“You were so tough before, that’s suddenly over?”

“I don’t know,” I say with a soft voice.

“I think you need a little discipline right now.”

Should I lie down? I wonder. Should I roll over and play dead?

Dan jumps at me, takes hold of my neck with one hand and pushes me against the wall. My pulse races, hitting 250 at least. He leans towards me.

“Little whore!” he says, before pressing his mouth against mine in a greedy French kiss.

He presses his entire body against mine, and I can feel that he likes what he’s doing. He is adamant. My stomach is burning now, the lowest part, and I’m not afraid anymore, I only wish that he would take me, here, right now, immediately. He has other ideas.

He tears himself away from me and takes off his shirt and shorts. His entire body is glistening in sweat. I want to lick all of him, and before I realize it, I am. Starting at the bottom of his calves, slowly approaching his upper body, I lick the knee, and up the inside of his thigh. I don’t touch his dick, I continue up the stomach and chest until I reach his neck.

I bite him there–hard. First, he’s paralyzed, but then he grabs hold of my hair and pushes me down.

“Suck my dick!” he says. “Do it well, bitch!”

I try fighting back, but he’s strong. He has me trapped on my knees.

I start to play around with my tongue on his dickhead. He drags me backwards by the hair, looking into my eyes.

“Did I say that you could lick my dick?” he demands. “No, I told you to suck me. Do it! Now!”

My legs stop working, they are completely numb. I’m so horny that had he not told me what to do, I wouldn’t have had any idea where or how to begin. But Dan knows exactly what he wants.

I lick my lips slide his hard dick into my mouth slowly. Completely. He moans deeply.

“Continue! If you’re good enough you’ll have permission to ride me.”

I am a sacrificial lamb in his hands. I do as I’m told. I enjoy the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

He praises me, almost tenderly: “Good girl! You like to suck dick, don’t you?”

I start to increase my rhythm a bit, and he pulls me my hair harder. I take a firm grip around his balls with one hand, and begin to massage him between the balls and ass with the other.

“You like this you little bitch. Is your pussy wet now?”

He starts to fuck me hard in the mouth. I’m looking up at him, and when we get eye contact, he explodes in my mouth. Convulsions race through his sweaty body, and he slides down to the floor before me.

He covers my mouth and nose with one hand and commands, “Swallow.”

I can’t breathe–I have no choice but to swallow. I want him so badly, I feel almost like I’m about to burst. My legs are shaking, hell, my whole body is shaking.

But I’m a little disappointed, too. Is it over? I wonder. I got nothing!

In a sudden move, Dan gets up and takes hold of my neck. He pulls me up and bends me over the sink.

“Now I will check how much you liked this, and I bet my dick that you loved to be used. People like you tend to like it.”

He gets on his knees behind me, and I suddenly feel incredibly naked.

“Spread your legs so I can see properly,” he instructs.

I hesitate, feeling embarrassed. Brutally, Dan forces my legs apart.

“Your pussy is running. Like I said: you like to be used. Maybe I will use you more. And, I promised you pleasure if you did a good job on my dick. Do you think you deserve my cock in your pussy now?”

“Yes, you shit!” I hissed determined.

He takes a good hold of my ass cheeks and keeps holding them tight.

“Get rid of that attitude, you slut!” he exclaims. “If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m the boss here! It is I who decides what is to happen and not. I control you now!”

I’m silenced and he buries his face into my pussy. Only a thin squeak escapes out of my mouth.

Oh God, so delicious!

“It tastes like your pussy is really horny,” he murmurs in between my lips.

I’m about to kneel, but he does get his arms around my thighs and keep me upright.

“Do you want my dick now?”

“Yes,” I whisper, my body trembling.

He slaps my clit. Hard.

“Say it! Say what you want!”

“I-I-want your dick,” I say uncertain.

“Say it like you mean it!”

He gets up, and with one hand firmly planted on my hip, he begins to rub his solid dick against my wet, shivering pussy. If my clit could talk, she would scream out what he wanted to hear. I feel an intense longing to feel him inside of me.

“I want your hard, throbbing cock inside my pussy now!” I say, turning to face him. “I want you to fuck me hard! I will do whatever you want, I just need you inside of me now, before I go insane!”

I have never talked that way before. But I have never been as horny as I am now, either. The feeling of being in his power is incredibly liberating; strangely enough, I feel perfectly safe.

“There. Now, you were good, my little whore. You did as I told you. It is absolutely correct. You have no choice but to do as I say.”

He turns me around, then takes hard hold of my tits and presses me against his chest. I’m shaking with expectation.

He rams his dick brutally into me from behind, and I shout out. As wet as I am now, it is completely impossible to harm me no matter how hard the thrust.

He continues to run into me hard, but slowly, and I feel that I might dissolve at any moment. Dan loosens his grip on one of my tits, and starts massaging my clit. Hard. Almost a little too hard. But I can feel that it doesn’t really matter at this point.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asks.

My answer is a little whimper.

He increases the pace of his thrusts. Stronger, faster. Faster, faster. I know that I’m about to come, and my body starts to shiver. He stops.

“Are you coming? Did I tell you you could come now? No, I haven’t said a word about that.”

Tears are not far away now. Why is he so mean to me? I wonder. It must be how it is to be in hell.

He pulls out and takes me brusquely and sits on the lid of the toilet. I bet it’s cold, but he doesn’t seem to care.

“Want more? I know you want more, come here and sit down on me.”

I almost can’t walk; simultaneously, I feel numb. I manage to sit down on his dick, facing him.

“Turn around!”

I get up and turn around, before I again sit down on him.

“Now we will see if you have skills enough to ride my dick. If you are really good I may let you come.”

Oh my god, is this guy for real?! I wonder.

Nothing I could have said would have mattered, and I find that it turns me on even more. I move forward with my hips, then backwards, trying to create a good rhythm. He gets a hard grip around my tits. I keep riding him for a couple of minutes, in a fairly quiet pace.

Dan doesn’t utter a sound, and it makes me panic. What if he doesn’t think I’m good enough? Then I won’t come!

“You should do a little better than that if you want me to let you come. You have to deserve the orgasm.”

I increase the pace considerably and used the muscles in my lower belly for all they are worth.

“There you go! That’s much better.”

I’m starting to get tired now. Exhausted from being so excruciatingly horny. My pace and intensity are gradually decreasing, and with panic I think he’s mad at me again. But No. He is happy with me.

“Turn around now,” he whispers.

I almost can’t do what he asks of me, but I make it happen somehow. He helps me in place, one arm around me, below my own arms. He keeps me firmly in place over his dick. We start again and he begins rubbing my clit. He increases the tempo and intensity, and I know that before long I’ll be coming. My body starts shaking, and he fucks me even more intensely.

“Are you coming? You want me to let you come this time?” he asks.

“Yes,” I moan, my voice hoarse.

“Do you think you’ve earned it? I think so, and now I will fuck you hard and watch you.”

I can’t talk. My brain is not present anymore. I explode in an orgasm that at least measures at seven on the Richter scale. My orgasm shakes his dick so violently that he roars loudly when he comes inside me. I can feel his cum, a volcano outburst of sperm. My tears are running freely now, and I sob noticeably. I sink down, putting my head on his shoulder and my arms around him. He kisses me softly on the shoulder, and loosens his grip.

“Let me look at you.”

I almost dare not look him in the eyes.

“Look at me,” he repeats.

I lift my eyes to his. The smile he gives me is comforting and boyish. He bursts out with a hearty laugh.

Who is this man really? What is he laughing about?

“You are beautiful!” he says, laughing.

He lifts me off of himself, and gets dressed quickly.

“I have to go now. Same time next week?” he asks, with a smile and a wink.

He does not wait for my answer, just closes the door when he leaves. There I am, naked and used.

But absolutely completely satisfied!