Alice Stanton is a young web 2.0 strategist and Laguna Hills transplant living in Honolulu. She doesn’t take anything seriously except for the grand exchange that occurs during sex. Unfortunately, she says, most people don’t know how to fuck–that is, they think sex is just about penetration. Alice believes fucking happens in the mind first and foremost and that orgasm is just a cherry atop an elaborate game of titillation. Read Return on Integrity, a fun look at the emerging web marketing industry framed in a tangle of lust and Scheherazade on IM, a story about desire as a meme.

Annie Bruno has worked on Wall Street, modeled Jockey underwear, and picked up a truckload (at least) of dog shit as a dog walker. She loves to eat at A.O.C. and Stella. And she can’t seem to write about anything but sex. She floats easily among LA’s upper echelon, delighting her whims as the incarnation of any man’s fantasy. Read her tale of sex and longing in the Big Orange in Dating A Minor Mogul.

Atherton Bartelby likes to boast that his homo and sometimes debauched sexuality was formed at a shockingly early age, during sex games in the boys’ dorms of an exclusive Swiss boarding school. This formative training taught him to be fearless in life and in sex, to worship the cum, and to make a mean soggy biscuit. Read his incredibly hot male-on-male action in Ananke.

Doctor M. was born in New Orleans in the year of the horse. Educated at Yale, he lived in Eastern Europe until he returned to the Deepest South some years ago. He holds both a doctorate in history and a law degree. He has taught at various universities in the South and for the US Army in the Balkans. He now practices law and teaches history part-time and spends the rest of his time convincing leggy panty-less girls on the internet to tell him lurid details of their sexcapades. Read about that in Faux-Foucault: S&M Cautionary Tale.

Jack is a thirty something writer, graphic designer, New Yorker and burgeoning kinkster who is currently in an non-monogamous, quite intense relationship which he writes about in his erotic blog called, Writing Dirty, along with erotica, dating stories of both the hot and horrible variety, and his musings on love, sex, relationships, writing, and art. Jack isn’t his real name, but as his blog gains popularity, its taken on a life of its own. “You write as the character and then you eventually meet people as the character and in a way you become the character, at least a little,” he says. Read his brilliant debut Artist Management.

Joan Ashford was born in Salinas; she moved to Los Angeles to study comparative literature at UCLA and never left. She never completed her studies, but that doesn’t mean anything. Two successful start-ups later, she now dedicates her time to a novel she’s been writing since she was, like, 19 and chasing a hooker all over the desert. Read about that in A Hooker Named Miriam and The Bathroom Stall.

Kat Syverson is so paranoid about people figuring out that she’s a total perv that she won’t even get a Facebook account. “Everyone can see everything, you know,” she says, “even when you take it down. Once it’s online, it’s on there forever. Forever!” It’s too bad because she’s a total slut and has some amazing stories. For now we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with the interviews she conducts–because it’s OK to expose other people as pervs. Her series The Way You Fuck (the name comes from a Rumi quote, though we’re pretty sure he didn’t say fuck) kicks off with a rockstar in Rockstar Sex.

Marian Sanborn is an equal opportunity enjoyer of both sexes who indulges living out some of her fantasies and writing about them in her erotic blog. Cougarish without being too predatory she does prefer younger to older as she’s a born teacher and prefers to mold her lovers to fit her needs. Sounds selfish but you’d come to realize quickly that they hardly mind at all. She’s a gamer geek girl with a passion for Starbucks, horror flicks, and deep tissue / full body massages. Read her piece The Blow Job! Like her stuff? E-mail her!

Sugar Kane is blonde, insatiable, devastatingly beautiful and a mother. But don’t expect her to be like those mommy bloggers the blogosphere’s gotten fat on. Play dates are for lovers, not for toddlers. Hang tight as Sugar cruises top-down through the fantasies and memories of a sex-packed life, all while trying to catch a rare ray of sunlight in an ever gray Pacific Northwestern suburbia. You can read about her debauchery in Fuck-Me Pumps and The Stranger.

Tatty is a Norwegian writer and model with a passion for all things furry. Though she writes about human sexual relationships the animalistic nature of our species cannot help but shine through. When she is not reading, writing, or having amazingly hot sex, she can be found watching zombie movies and occasionally napping. Her debut at Retour is Spinning Class.

Zita Borgia moved to LA in 2001. She’s an Italian ex-pat and academic who wishes she could devote herself to the historical and cultural relevance of pornography. She’ll settle for a spanking, though, especially if it comes from her therapist, Dr. Elias F. Read about their spectacularly bizarre affair: Therapy, The Escapologist, The Parking Lot, The Call, The Ride, The Mountain, Deja Vu, The End, Sole Possessor, Master, The Orange Grove, The Feast, Slave Material, The Walk.

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