The name “Retour à Roissy” comes from the sequel to Story of O, by Pauline Réage. It means “return to Roissy” in French and refers to the château of Roissy where the protagonist of Story of O was taken to be trained as a slave.

I started this blog in early 2008 to explore my desire to be a submissive in the only way I knew how: through fiction. It started as a personal exploration but the response was large and immediate. We’ve come a long way from banned books and censorship laws. Even with the Puritanical backlash that seems to have struck the political sphere, sex continues to thrive all around us, from the glorious to the mediocre.

And yet our thirst is not satiated. No matter how much we have it, love it, enjoy it, there is always more, something just out of our reach. Even in today’s world where by and large we can find just about anything we need at any hour of the day or night, many of us lie in bed at night fantasizing about some other thing than the one beside us.

Today, Retour is a multiple author blog. Our hope is to one day contain all the sordid desires, lived or not, of this world.

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