Spinning Class

Shit! I’m late for spinning class again!

I run into the locker room and change quickly, then head for the spinning hall in a hurry. There is one available bike. Next to Dan.

Yes! I say to myself, with a little thrill. Dan is so insanely gorgeous, I’ve been drooling over him for two months. I’ve even tried to make contact with him, but he doesn’t seem particularly interested–not in me or anybody else.

Oh, well, you’re always allowed to dream, I think as I hop on my bike and start to pedal softly. I turn right hoping to catch Dan’s eye and say hi, but as usual, he seems to be in his own world. Lame. But God damn, he’s so beautiful!

Our instructor comes through the door, breathless, but exceptionally sunny as usual.

Well it’s not just me who’s late, I think, kind of satisfied with myself.

“Today we’re going to work hard, everyone!” she said, walking to the front of the room. “Are you ready?”

Yes, I’m ready! I think. Fuck, I haven’t had sex for three months–I need a release for all my sexual frustration!

The instructor puts on music. Techno, as usual. I put on a little resistance on my spinning bike, and feel the muscles in my legs slowly start to wake up. I cast a glance to the right again; Dan doesn’t not seem to see me at all.

Whatever, who gives a fuck? I think to myself. Suddenly I’m really irritated and I decide to give everything I’ve got today. Five minutes go by, and I put on even more resistance. Starting to get warm now. Ten minutes: a drop of sweat runs down my forehead. I put on more resistance until I feel the acid burst in my thighs. I slow down the intensity a bit and drink some water. I take this opportunity to look at Dan.

He’s working the bike inhumanly hard and I see the sweat running down his face, his thigh muscles are hard and strained. I take a last sip of water and increase the intensity of my spinning again. Twenty minutes have passed, and now I’m really hot and sweaty. Beads of sweat run everywhere–I’m starting to feel horny. I always get horny when I get really hot.

Suddenly I feel something wet hit my right arm, I look down. There are four drops of sweat. They’re not mine. It’s Dan! He ran his hand through his hair and splashed me!

Oh my God, I think, horrified. Do not do this to me! It almost makes me come.

Instead, I turn to him and snap: “Hey! You’re sweating on me!”

I hold up my right arm to give him the proof. He looks at my arm, no sign of recognition or feeling in his eyes. His lack of response arouses the devil in me and while he’s still looking at my arm, I bring it to my face and lick his drops of hard work.

His eyes suddenly come to life, and I feel shy when I see the new expression in them–he looks like Satan himself, and he has come up from hell to get me. His tongue slides along his lips, deliberately seductive. He brushes his hand through his hair again–this time on purpose–and his salty rain pours down on me.

Help! I think. What happens now?

I press down the brakes of the bike and come to a stop. He gets off his bike, takes me firmly by the wrist and drags me out of the spinning hall. Outside the room, we don’t exchange a word. He pulls me down the corridor and into the handicap restroom.

He slams the door shut and locks it. I see my life pass in review. Does he intend to kill me? Suddenly, I’m afraid, but part of me is excited, and I feel a jolt shoot from my stomach to my pussy.

“Undress!” Dan commands.

I hesitate.

“I said: get undressed!”

I dare nothing else than to do as he says.

“Do you feel tough now?” he asks me, angry-eyed.

“N-n-no, err-no,” I stutter.

“You were so tough before, that’s suddenly over?”

“I don’t know,” I say with a soft voice.

“I think you need a little discipline right now.”

Should I lie down? I wonder. Should I roll over and play dead?

Dan jumps at me, takes hold of my neck with one hand and pushes me against the wall. My pulse races, hitting 250 at least. He leans towards me.

“Little whore!” he says, before pressing his mouth against mine in a greedy French kiss.

He presses his entire body against mine, and I can feel that he likes what he’s doing. He is adamant. My stomach is burning now, the lowest part, and I’m not afraid anymore, I only wish that he would take me, here, right now, immediately. He has other ideas.

He tears himself away from me and takes off his shirt and shorts. His entire body is glistening in sweat. I want to lick all of him, and before I realize it, I am. Starting at the bottom of his calves, slowly approaching his upper body, I lick the knee, and up the inside of his thigh. I don’t touch his dick, I continue up the stomach and chest until I reach his neck.

I bite him there–hard. First, he’s paralyzed, but then he grabs hold of my hair and pushes me down.

“Suck my dick!” he says. “Do it well, bitch!”

I try fighting back, but he’s strong. He has me trapped on my knees.

I start to play around with my tongue on his dickhead. He drags me backwards by the hair, looking into my eyes.

“Did I say that you could lick my dick?” he demands. “No, I told you to suck me. Do it! Now!”

My legs stop working, they are completely numb. I’m so horny that had he not told me what to do, I wouldn’t have had any idea where or how to begin. But Dan knows exactly what he wants.

I lick my lips slide his hard dick into my mouth slowly. Completely. He moans deeply.

“Continue! If you’re good enough you’ll have permission to ride me.”

I am a sacrificial lamb in his hands. I do as I’m told. I enjoy the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

He praises me, almost tenderly: “Good girl! You like to suck dick, don’t you?”

I start to increase my rhythm a bit, and he pulls me my hair harder. I take a firm grip around his balls with one hand, and begin to massage him between the balls and ass with the other.

“You like this you little bitch. Is your pussy wet now?”

He starts to fuck me hard in the mouth. I’m looking up at him, and when we get eye contact, he explodes in my mouth. Convulsions race through his sweaty body, and he slides down to the floor before me.

He covers my mouth and nose with one hand and commands, “Swallow.”

I can’t breathe–I have no choice but to swallow. I want him so badly, I feel almost like I’m about to burst. My legs are shaking, hell, my whole body is shaking.

But I’m a little disappointed, too. Is it over? I wonder. I got nothing!

In a sudden move, Dan gets up and takes hold of my neck. He pulls me up and bends me over the sink.

“Now I will check how much you liked this, and I bet my dick that you loved to be used. People like you tend to like it.”

He gets on his knees behind me, and I suddenly feel incredibly naked.

“Spread your legs so I can see properly,” he instructs.

I hesitate, feeling embarrassed. Brutally, Dan forces my legs apart.

“Your pussy is running. Like I said: you like to be used. Maybe I will use you more. And, I promised you pleasure if you did a good job on my dick. Do you think you deserve my cock in your pussy now?”

“Yes, you shit!” I hissed determined.

He takes a good hold of my ass cheeks and keeps holding them tight.

“Get rid of that attitude, you slut!” he exclaims. “If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m the boss here! It is I who decides what is to happen and not. I control you now!”

I’m silenced and he buries his face into my pussy. Only a thin squeak escapes out of my mouth.

Oh God, so delicious!

“It tastes like your pussy is really horny,” he murmurs in between my lips.

I’m about to kneel, but he does get his arms around my thighs and keep me upright.

“Do you want my dick now?”

“Yes,” I whisper, my body trembling.

He slaps my clit. Hard.

“Say it! Say what you want!”

“I-I-want your dick,” I say uncertain.

“Say it like you mean it!”

He gets up, and with one hand firmly planted on my hip, he begins to rub his solid dick against my wet, shivering pussy. If my clit could talk, she would scream out what he wanted to hear. I feel an intense longing to feel him inside of me.

“I want your hard, throbbing cock inside my pussy now!” I say, turning to face him. “I want you to fuck me hard! I will do whatever you want, I just need you inside of me now, before I go insane!”

I have never talked that way before. But I have never been as horny as I am now, either. The feeling of being in his power is incredibly liberating; strangely enough, I feel perfectly safe.

“There. Now, you were good, my little whore. You did as I told you. It is absolutely correct. You have no choice but to do as I say.”

He turns me around, then takes hard hold of my tits and presses me against his chest. I’m shaking with expectation.

He rams his dick brutally into me from behind, and I shout out. As wet as I am now, it is completely impossible to harm me no matter how hard the thrust.

He continues to run into me hard, but slowly, and I feel that I might dissolve at any moment. Dan loosens his grip on one of my tits, and starts massaging my clit. Hard. Almost a little too hard. But I can feel that it doesn’t really matter at this point.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asks.

My answer is a little whimper.

He increases the pace of his thrusts. Stronger, faster. Faster, faster. I know that I’m about to come, and my body starts to shiver. He stops.

“Are you coming? Did I tell you you could come now? No, I haven’t said a word about that.”

Tears are not far away now. Why is he so mean to me? I wonder. It must be how it is to be in hell.

He pulls out and takes me brusquely and sits on the lid of the toilet. I bet it’s cold, but he doesn’t seem to care.

“Want more? I know you want more, come here and sit down on me.”

I almost can’t walk; simultaneously, I feel numb. I manage to sit down on his dick, facing him.

“Turn around!”

I get up and turn around, before I again sit down on him.

“Now we will see if you have skills enough to ride my dick. If you are really good I may let you come.”

Oh my god, is this guy for real?! I wonder.

Nothing I could have said would have mattered, and I find that it turns me on even more. I move forward with my hips, then backwards, trying to create a good rhythm. He gets a hard grip around my tits. I keep riding him for a couple of minutes, in a fairly quiet pace.

Dan doesn’t utter a sound, and it makes me panic. What if he doesn’t think I’m good enough? Then I won’t come!

“You should do a little better than that if you want me to let you come. You have to deserve the orgasm.”

I increase the pace considerably and used the muscles in my lower belly for all they are worth.

“There you go! That’s much better.”

I’m starting to get tired now. Exhausted from being so excruciatingly horny. My pace and intensity are gradually decreasing, and with panic I think he’s mad at me again. But No. He is happy with me.

“Turn around now,” he whispers.

I almost can’t do what he asks of me, but I make it happen somehow. He helps me in place, one arm around me, below my own arms. He keeps me firmly in place over his dick. We start again and he begins rubbing my clit. He increases the tempo and intensity, and I know that before long I’ll be coming. My body starts shaking, and he fucks me even more intensely.

“Are you coming? You want me to let you come this time?” he asks.

“Yes,” I moan, my voice hoarse.

“Do you think you’ve earned it? I think so, and now I will fuck you hard and watch you.”

I can’t talk. My brain is not present anymore. I explode in an orgasm that at least measures at seven on the Richter scale. My orgasm shakes his dick so violently that he roars loudly when he comes inside me. I can feel his cum, a volcano outburst of sperm. My tears are running freely now, and I sob noticeably. I sink down, putting my head on his shoulder and my arms around him. He kisses me softly on the shoulder, and loosens his grip.

“Let me look at you.”

I almost dare not look him in the eyes.

“Look at me,” he repeats.

I lift my eyes to his. The smile he gives me is comforting and boyish. He bursts out with a hearty laugh.

Who is this man really? What is he laughing about?

“You are beautiful!” he says, laughing.

He lifts me off of himself, and gets dressed quickly.

“I have to go now. Same time next week?” he asks, with a smile and a wink.

He does not wait for my answer, just closes the door when he leaves. There I am, naked and used.

But absolutely completely satisfied!


  Foul Bastard wrote @

Damn, that is one hot fucking workout! I am so happy to see this published here. Tatty is fucking awesome! 🙂

  OneLuvGurl wrote @

Love this Tatty! Damn girl! You got me all hot and bothered!

(I say screw the furball and cum with me!)

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